3 Great Reasons To Rent Portable Restrooms


When planning any big event, it can be almost comically easy to overlook some of the most important things. One such example is portable restrooms, which - while it may not be the first thing to jump to mind - is one of the most vital services you can provide guests at your event. If you're not convinced, take a look below at just a few of the biggest reasons why portable restrooms at a large gathering are an absolute must:

6 October 2017

Getting A Quote For Septic Tank Service? A List Of Additional Factors That May Or May Not Be Included In The Quote


It is recommended that you have your septic tank cleaned every three to five years. Cleaning the tank involves pumping it out, having it cleaned, and having it inspected to ensure it is still in good, working condition. When it is time to have your tank cleaned, it is important to obtain quotes from various companies as the cost varies from company to company. However, comparing quotes can be challenging as not every company provides you with the same information on a quote.

5 October 2017