Getting A Quote For Septic Tank Service? A List Of Additional Factors That May Or May Not Be Included In The Quote


It is recommended that you have your septic tank cleaned every three to five years. Cleaning the tank involves pumping it out, having it cleaned, and having it inspected to ensure it is still in good, working condition. When it is time to have your tank cleaned, it is important to obtain quotes from various companies as the cost varies from company to company. However, comparing quotes can be challenging as not every company provides you with the same information on a quote.

If you are looking to obtain quotes, here are a few of the factors that you should pay attention to to determine if they are included on yours, and if not, ask about the cost, so you can get a full and complete picture of what that company will charge. Here are a few of the factors that may or may not be included on the quote for septic tank cleaning. 

The Number of Gallons the Quote Covers

One of the most important factors to consider as you look at a quote for a septic tank cleaning is how many gallons the quote includes. Some companies charge the same amount for a 50 gallon tank as they do for a 100 gallon tank. Other companies charge a flat fee for a specific amount of gallons and then charge by the gallon for each gallon that is pumped after that. Always make sure you ask how this is determined or you could wind up paying more if you have a larger-sized tank. 

The Cost of Digging Up the Septic Tank Lid

Another factor to consider is whether the cost to dig up the septic tank lid is included in your quote or not. Some companies include the digging cost in their quote and other companies charge extra for this. Digging up a septic tank lid can be time consuming if your lid is hidden or hard to find, so always ask if this is included and if not, what it costs to perform this task.

Any Dumping Fees

The last factor to consider when looking at your quote for septic tank services is whether there are any additional dumping fees. Some companies include the dumping fees in their quotes, while others charge extra for them. Before you select a company to do your cleaning, ask if they charge an additional fee to dump the waste or if it is included in your cleaning cost quote. 

If you are obtaining a quote for septic tank repair, it is important to look at your quote and determine if these factors are included in the quote. This allows you to fully and accurately compare the cost of septic tank cleaning from one company to another. To get started, contact companies like Mr Bob that offer septic tank services.


5 October 2017

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