Everything You Want To Know About Mold In Your Home


Do you have a suspicion that mold is in your home? If so, you likely have a ton of questions about what it means and what you can do about it. Here are some of the essential things that you will want to know about mold.

Why Does Mold Grow In A Home? 

Mold tends to grow in environments that are dark, humid, and damp. This is likely to happen in a home because there are plenty of ways that moisture can get in, such as through a leak, high humidity, or poor home ventilation. Since mold grows in a dark place, you may not even tell that it is growing until the mold growth is out of control.

What Signs Of Mold Growth Should You Look For?

If the mold is in a place where you cannot see it, know that mold can have a pretty distinct smell that is not typically in a home. It can be described as a musty smell, almost as if you have rotting wood in your home. The smell will travel more in the air when there is high humidity as well. If you can see the mold, it is going to have colored spots spread across a surface. The color of mold can range quite a bit, being brown, green, black, or white. However, mold is not always easy to identify to the typical person that has never seen it before. 

How is Mold Removed From A Home?

Removing mold is a complex process that should be done by a professional. It starts by containing the room so that mold spores do not travel to other rooms of the home. Then they will identify the type of mold that is growing to determine the best way to remove it. Some common removal methods include dry-ice blasting, wire bruising, chemical cleaning, and vacuuming. 

Once the mold is removed the area will need to be disinfected. That's because mold can be deep in the surfaces of wood and porous surfaces, and the only way that you can be sure it is gone is to use a disinfectant to kill any remaining mold.

What Are The Health Risks Of Mold Exposure?

It's never a good idea to keep mold in your home any longer than necessary. It's possible for household members to develop respiratory problems, have an allergic reaction, impact their immune system, and cause skin, eye, and throat irritation. 

Contact mold removal services for more info. 


30 January 2023

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