Planning To Rent A Roll-Off Garbage Container For Your Construction Project? 3 Mistakes You Should Avoid


When you have a construction project, keep the workspace clean to avoid injuries and enhance efficiency and convenience. There is no better way to do this than to rent a roll-off garbage container. However, that does not mean you should wake up one day and head to the rental company without knowing what you want. You will likely make costly mistakes. But with adequate planning, you can avoid problems before they happen. Here are three mistakes to watch out for when renting roll-off garbage containers for your construction project. 

1. Renting the Wrong Roll-off Garbage Container Size 

Roll-off garbage containers come in different sizes. And if you do not know them, you could make a grave mistake. For example, if your project requires a 20-yard roll-off garbage container but you rent a 30-yard container instead, then you will be paying for extra space you are not using. On the other hand, if you rent a smaller roll-off garbage container, you will need regular emptying, which may cost you more. To ensure you are getting value for your money, speak to a reputable roll-off garbage container rental company that can advise you accordingly based on the size and length of your project. 

2. Disposing of Prohibited Items

A roll-off garbage container may be big, but you should put in only some types of waste your construction or renovation project generates. Some wastes, such as resin, epoxy, asbestos, refrigerant, paints, or gasoline, should not go into the container. The rental company is just a call away if you are unsure if a certain item should go into the roll-off garbage container. Ask them so you can avoid unnecessary costs and make everyone's work easier. 

3. Overfilling Your Garbage Container

If your construction project generates a lot of waste, you might want to fill the roll-off garbage container to the brim. However, before you do that, you may want to check the container's mark. If you put waste past the mark, it may spill out during transport, creating a messy and dangerous situation for other road users. To avoid this, the waste company may ask you to remove the extra waste before hauling the container. Do the right thing right from the start for a stress-free and quick waste management experience. 

A roll-off garbage container is essential when doing any construction project. Pay attention to these tips and work with a reputable roll-off garbage container rental company to avoid making the above mistakes. Besides offering affordable roll-off garbage container rental services, they can give you proven waste management advice so you can complete your project quickly and efficiently.

Contact a local garbage container service, such as FCC Environmental Services, to learn more. 


28 October 2022

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