5 Things To Consider When Renting Portable Restroom Trailers For A Social Function


If you are having a party, hosting an outdoor wedding, or planning a similar type of event, you may need to rent a portable restroom trailer. So that everything goes smoothly, there are a few preparatory steps you should take. Keep these tips in mind.

1. Estimate How Many Toilets You Need

With most small events, one restroom trailer is all you need. However, you may want more. Most rental companies can give you an estimate on the number of trailers you need based on the length of your event and the number of anticipated attendees.

2. Decide If You Need Extra Trailers

However, in some cases, there are other considerations to keep in mind. For instance, if you are having an outside wedding that is in the forest and not near a home or country club, you may want a trailer for the bridal party to get ready. That needs to be separate from the general restroom trailer that you rent for guests to use. Similarly, if you have a lot of children coming, you may want a special trailer that's designed to accommodate their needs with baby changing tables or smaller toilets.

3. Prepare the Space

Once you've honed in on the number of restroom trailers you need, you should take some time to prepare the space. You need to ensure that the trucks dropping off the trailer can access the area. You also need to ensure that the ground is flat for the trailers to rest on.

4. Think About Extras

Most companies that rent out restroom trailers have a number of extras that you can rent. For example, some companies have luxury services where you can opt for cloth hand towels, bathroom attendants, or scented soaps.

If you have a lot of guests coming, you may want a separate handwashing station that is outside of the bathroom. That way, you can move people through the bathrooms faster, and they can wash their hands outside. In other cases, you may want to see if the company can bring potable water or extra garbage containers.

5. Plan Cleaning for Long-Term Rentals

If your event happens over several days or weeks, you will need to arrange someone to come clean the restroom trailer. They can clean the toilet seat and sinks if applicable, but more importantly, they need to empty the waste from the trailer. You need to set that up so that the cleaning schedule works with your event's timeline.


12 October 2017

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