5 Crucial Questions To Ask Before Hiring Portable Restroom Rentals


When people gather for an activity or event, it goes without saying that they'll need restrooms. In situations where the regular bathrooms are absent or cannot adequately serve the number of people present, portable restroom rentals are the best alternative. By acquiring the services of portable restroom rentals, your guests will get dedicated bathroom space. But before you retain this service, check out the following crucial questions that you need to ask.

How Many Units Are Needed?

This is easily the most critical question when renting portable restrooms. When you ask the company this question, they'll ask you the number of people at the site and the type of event or activity. A simple outdoor birthday party will need one or two portable restrooms. But if you have a construction site with hundreds of personnel, you will require many portable toilets.

Where Do They Dump the Waste?

Companies that have embraced eco-friendly practices are all the rage today, and your potential portable restroom rentals shouldn't be any different. Before you retain a company to handle this requirement at your event or site, ask them where and how they dispose of the waste. Ensure that they adhere to accepted disposal procedures and observe the highest sanitation standards while at it.

How Will the Odors Be Dealt With?

A portable restroom rental should be able to deal with the smells emanating from the unit effortlessly. Ask a prospective rental service how they deal with this issue. If they include deodorizing solutions in the services, it will ensure that the units smell nice and minimize harmful germs.

Is Prior Booking Required?

It would help if you asked the portable restroom rental firm whether you have to reserve the restrooms in advance. This is vital because, at peak times during the year, the toilets are usually sold out well in advance when there are many events. So, in case you need this service for an upcoming event or your job site, it pays to consult the company in good time so that you won't miss out.

The Frequency of Use on the Portable Restroom

Before you choose a portable restroom for your event, it's advisable to understand the expected duration it can serve your guests. This is because the tanks have a limited holding capacity. By consulting the rental company, you can choose a unit that will comfortably run for the duration of the activity. You wouldn't want the restrooms to get filled halfway through your wedding!

Finally, always ensure that all the services are included in the contract. If there is regular maintenance and cleaning to be done by the portable restroom rentals company, make sure that it is incorporated in the agreement so that you can hold the company accountable.


28 April 2021

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